Utillian 722 Dry Vaporizer

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Who SHOULD GET THE UTILLIAN 722 VAPORIZER? If you want a strong performing convection style vaporizer that is able to double as a capable concentrate vaporizer at an ideal price point. 

• BATTERY: 2300mAh

• BATTERY LIFE: 60 Minute

• HEAT TIME: 30 Seconds

• HEATING STYLE: Convection

• TEMPERATURE: 180C°, 190C°, 200C°, 210C°, Boost mode = 225C°


• WARRANTY: 1 Year with TVAPE Hassle-Free

TECHNICAL SPECS: REFINED AIRFLOW The Utillian 722 features a new wider mouthpiece and optimized airflow, allowing for more vapor to passthrough at one time improving on its processor the Utillian 721.

EXTRACTS COMPATIBLE The included wax canister makes the Utillian 722 a very versatile vaporizer, experience the combination of convection and concentrates unlocking its potential as a high-performing wax device.

ENHANCED BOOST MODE The boost mode can be activated at anytime by simply pressing and holding the power button.