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New to Vaping?

First of all, congratulations on quitting smoking!

At Underground Vapes, we are committed to helping you make a smoother and healthier transition in your life. Introducing a newbie's guide to vaping...!

  1. Disposables: These are single-used devices pre-filled with e-liquid. Just puff and dispose when empty. They are convenient for beginners, but not cost effective long-term. If you're looking for a tobacco flavored disposable we recommend the brand new Vice Boost Cuban Tobacco. Of course we offer many more options with other flavours.


  1. Pre-filled pods: These are compact devices with replaceable pods filled with e-liquid. Pods come prefilled and are swapped out when empty. They are easy to use and maintain. There are two options in the market: the STLTH device and Level X device.


  1. Refillable devices: These are reusable devices that allow you to fill your own e-liquid. For ex-smokers we recommend Nicotine salts. Reusable devices offer customization and are cost-effective/affordable over time. They do require more maintenance than the other options but we are happy to help you set up your new device! 

We are more than happy to help you embark on your new journey. Feel free to contact us regarding this!