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Record Vapes Salt Nic

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Our collection of Record Vapes and UB Salt Nic.  A unique blend of sweeteners designed for longer coil life.  30ml bottles available in 10 or 20mg/ml. 

BANANA ICE - Ample natural banana with an ice chill

BANANA ORANGE - Sweet, natural banana and orange balanced all day vape

BERRY MIX - Blueberry, Raspberry & Strawberry Mix

BLUE RASPBERRY - Sweetened blend of blueberries & raspberries

BLUE RAZZ ICE - Sweetened blend of blueberries & raspberries iced up

BRAIN FREEZE - Strong menthol blend of assorted fruits

BRITTLE - Loads of caramel sweetness with honey roasted peanuts

CHERRY WATERMELON - Natural cherry with a tasty splash of watermelon

CHERRY WATERMELON ICE- Natural cherry with a tasty splash of watermelon w/ice

CANZI - Classic strawberry, watermelon and kiwi.

CANZI ICE - Iced up strawberry, watermelon & kiwi

CHERRY LIMEADE - Sweet cherry is a slightly sour lemon lime base

RAPACINNO - Light creamy coffee, caramel and vanilla

FRUIT GUSH - Sweetened candied gushing fruit

FRUIT MEDLEY - Chewy Pineapple, Strawberry and Mango Sweets

HARD WATERMELON - Sweet watermelon cubes of goodness

JUST MENTHOL - Flavorless with ample menthol

NILLA CLOUDS- Rich vanilla, strong and sweet.

PEACH RINGS - Rings of peach goodness

PEACH RINGS ICE - Rings of peach goodness with an icy chill

SOFT MINT - Soft, subtle and sweet mint flavor

SOUR BURST - Sweet, Sour and Patchy 

STRANANA - Natural strawberry & banana expertly blended

SUMMER PEACH - Raspberry peach with a splash of watermelon

SWEDISH - Juicy strawberry squishy berries

THE BOMB - Raspberry, lime and blue raspberry

TROPIC FUSION - Sweet, ripe and tangy blend of blackcurrant and tropical fruits.

TWISTED SISTER - Strawberry / Raspberry lemonade

VELVET BUTTERSCOTCH - Rich Butterscotch with vanilla & meringue

WIGGLER - Sour gummy strawberry, blue raspberry & cherry