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The Vaporesso EUC - Eco Universal Coil is an innovative performance atomizer created with affordability in mind. It is intuitive created, changing the way users typically replacement the atomizer coils. Instead of changing the entire coils, the EUC Replacement Coils only requires the changing of the core instead of the entire metal sleeve. The result is a more cost-effective design, while providing ample performance capability.

Compatible with
  • Vaporesso Attitude / Veco / Drizzle / Estoc Tank
Model & Recommended Wattage
  • Ceramic 0.5Ω (25W-35W)
  • Traditional Clapton 0.4Ω (40W-50W)
  • Traditional Clapton 0.5Ω (35W-40W)
Package Contents
  • 5 pcs/pack