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Yocan Black Phaser Max Rig

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The Yocan Black Phaser Max Rig is touted as the ultimate rig in the Yocan Black lineup. Equipped with a state-of-the-art SI reactive chipset and a dual coil system, it offers precision temperature control for the perfect dab and accommodates lots of wax concentrates for that heavy and hearty pull every time. The line-of-sight display screen provides real-time feedback in clear and crisp details. Especially, users can have plenty of power for up to 17 hours of sessions thanks to an 1800 mAh battery capacity and convenient type-C charging.

Features  Included in the Kit
SI Reactive Chipset 1 Phaser Max Rig
Dual Coil System 2 TGT Coils
Precision Temperature Settings 1 Pick Tool
Line of Sight Display Screen 1 Cleaning Brush
15-seconds-safety shut-off 1 Four-feet USB Type-C Charging Cable
1800 mAh Battery Capacity with Type-C Charging 1 User Manual
Glass Viewport Flip Cap
Water Bubbler